Do you understand that Islam prohibits women from working outside the home?

Ashraf, Al Azhar University


  1. In my understanding, there are many women highly educated and talented staying at home in Egypt. A long time ago, in the West, it was more common for women to stay at home while their husbands work outside to support the family compared to today but now, it is more common for men to respect the ability, talent, and desire of women to participate in social/economic activities. If they want to stay at home, of course they can because they have a choice. Isn't it a shame for highly educated women to stay at home?

  2. I think the prohibition on employment outside fo the home is the result of cultural ideas, not Islam.

    I don't think that Islam prohibits women from working outside the home - hadiths indicate that in the early history of Islam women worked and supported themsevles. Khadija, Muhammed's first wife, worked too - and she was Muhammed's employer.


  3. Thanks Jisun for your comment,Aslo Alison. and Agree with you. We need from woman to share our community espcially in education and midecin. and give some of supporting to her family.
    Al-Aazhar Univ.