Featured Video - Niqab in Egypt

Is this video accurate? Is it biased? Does it contain incorrect information?

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Hijab (common in Egypt)

Niqab (less common in Egypt)

Burqa (not seen in Egypt)

Why do American people accept more than one girlfriend but they don't accept more than one wife?

Ibrahim, Faculty of Science (Chemistry), Al Azhar University

Do you think Muslim women are stupid because they cover their head? Why?

Suzan, Faculty of Commerce, Al Azhar University

What is your opinion about the hijab (woman's headscarf)?

Noha, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Al Azhar University

What do you know about the hijab (women's headscarf)?

Faten, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Al Azhar University

Women in the Workforce by Country

 Women Workforce Map shows a World Map, where different colors have been used to demarcate various regions of the world with different percentage of women in paid employment. In countries such as Ghana, Ukraine and Thailand over 50% of the population comprises of women. In maximum countries, 40-50% are women. In most of the North American, Latin American, European and African countries, 40-50% women are working. In India, 30-40% are women. In African countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan etc, 20-30% of women are working. Women form a significant part of each nation's population. Over the years, they have been playing a crucial role in transforming worker's lives.

Women have been part of the workforce from time immemorial. Not only the number of women in the workforce is increasing but the number of women earning top business positions is also on a rise. In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan only 10-20% women are working. This Women Workforce Map gives you a clear idea of percentage of women in paid employment in various countries of the world.